Provisions in the MWRRA Act

The Act has the following provisions relating to water tariff

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, a person having more than two children shall be required to pay one and half times of the normal rates of water charges fixed under clause (d) of section 11 to get entitlement of water for the purpose of agriculture

Provided that, a person having more than two children on the date of commencement of this Act, shall not be required to pay such one and half times water charges so long as the number of children he had on such date of commencement does not increase.

Provided further that, a child or more than one child born in a single delivery within the period of one year from such date of commencement shall not be taken into consideration for the purpose of this sub-section. Explanation -- For the purpose of this sub section -

(a) Where a couple has only one child on or after the date of such commencement, any number of children born out of a single subsequent delivery shall be deemed to be one entity;

(b) "child" does not include an adopted child or children.

To establish a water tariff system and to fix the criteria for water charges at sub-basin, river basin and State level after ascertaining the views of the beneficiary public, based on the principle that the water charges shall reflect the full recovery of the cost of the irrigation management, administration, operation and maintenance of water resources project.

To determine and ensure that cross-subsidies between the Categories of Use, if any, being given by the Government are totally offset by stable funding from such cross-subsidies or Government payments to assure that the sustainable operation and maintenance of the water management and delivery systems within the State are not jeopardized in any way.

The Authority shall review and revise the water charges after every three years.

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