English – Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority


(A Statutory Authority established under Section 3 of MWRRA Act, 2005)

(A Statutory Authority established under Section 3 of MWRRA Act, 2005)

Awareness Campaign

Event No : 1

A student delegation of KC Law College, Mumbai Visited Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority Office.

Hon. Dr. Sadhana Mahashabde, Member (Law), MWRRA hosted and addressed the students on the ‘Emerging Reforms in Water Sector Laws and the working of MWRRA’.

Shri. Dr. Ramnath Sonawane (Secretary, MWRRA) explained the legal framework on which the Authority is constituted.

Shri. P. R. Khire (Consultant, MWRRA) discussed the Landmark judgements passed by the Authority.

Event No : 2

Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority Mumbai, Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation Nagpur and Mumbai Institute of Economics Public Policy, University of Mumbai in association with Water User Organizations and Beneficiary Farmers of Gosikhurd National Project on “Empowerment of Water User Organizations” dated 24/03/2023 as well as A one day workshop was organized at Vanamati Nagpur.


In the said workshop Majnipra President Hon. Dr. Sanjay Chahande, Majnipra Member Hon. Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni (Jasvi) Hon. Dr. Sadhana Mahashabde (Law) Hon. Mrs. Shwetali Thackeray (Artha) guided the farmers and officers present.


The workshop was attended by a large number of water utility organizations as well as farmers in the benefit areas.


The experts enlightened the farmers on the following important topics related to agriculture and water use organizations.


  • People Participation and Role of NGOs in Irrigation Management,
  • Farm Innovation Experiments, Crop Change Production Costs and Income
  • Farmer Experience Narration
  • Audit and record keeping of water utility organizations


Event No : 3

Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority Hon. Chairman – Dr. Sanjay Chahande, Member (Law) – Dr. Sadhana Mahashabde, Member (Eco.) – Smt. Shwetali Thakare as well as Director – Shri. Narendra Tayde and Expert – Shri. Khire’s Waghad Project District-Nashik Project Director. 27th June 2023 tour and review meeting of water use organization at Waghad project level water use organization office.

Event No : 4

If audited by water utility organizations, only they will get returns at the local level….* Dr. Sanjay Belsare*


        On behalf of Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority, Mumbai Godavari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corporation, Sambhajinagar and Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nashik, a one-day workshop was recently organized for water consumption organizations in North Maharashtra at Maharashtra Engineering Prabodhini, Nashik. .Sanjay Belsare. Director General of Mary Mandade, Executive Director of Godavari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corporation Tirmanwar, Member, Eco of Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority Smt. Shwetali Thackeray, and Chief Engineer Devgade, Misal were present as chief guests. The guests inaugurated the workshop by lighting the lamp. 


While making a brief introduction about how and why water should be measured for the officers of water use organizations, Superintendent Engineer and Administrator Mahendra Amle said that measuring water is the need of the hour, after which farmer representatives Dawange and Kale were fascinated. 97% of the total water available on Earth is in the oceans and is saline. Only 3% is fresh water. Of this three percent, 69% is frozen in ice caps. 30% is underground and the remaining 1% is available on the surface. Thackeray said. She further said that participatory irrigation has been given importance in the water policy in the world. The economic value of the limited available water should be increased by using water sparingly. Since women have the habit of being frugal in their lives, they should now become active in water use organizations. We should promote the sustainable development of our villages. After all, since 18% of the world’s population (143 crores) is in India, he appealed to everyone to make efforts to provide water for life and the environment. According to section no. Stating that it is mandatory, Tirmanwar further said that the water use organization movement in Maharashtra started in the year 1989-90. The government took many important decisions for the benefit of the water use organizations due to the increase in the efficiency of water management by the water use organizations. He said that he is reviving the system in a way. Mandade appealed to the farmers to plan the crops by considering the available water and added that the farmers should take value added crops with less water using drip irrigation. He gave guidance regarding other complementary industries by first informing the irrigation management technique to enable the water use organization. 15th of October, by planning the water in the dam, estimate how much water is available for irrigation and at the same time advised to plan the crop by considering the ground water in our area. Belsare gave on this occasion. He further said that water utility organizations should adopt the discipline of measuring water from the beginning. This improves irrigation management and improves efficiency. He called for the installation of water meters as soon as possible. The farmers of this area know the importance of water. Therefore, they will definitely cooperate with the government and create a role model of irrigation management by arranging water metering. It is important to keep an eye on management in all cases. If this is not the case, the organizations should fulfill their financial needs by doing other supplementary industries as per the provisions of the law. Those organizations which efficiently manage the water use and take value added crops in their area of operation, should consider implementing Farmer Producer Company. Water Organizations should consciously run the Farmer Producer Company keeping the goal of both important factors and money in mind. Emphasizing on activating the participation of women in the management of water use organizations, he further said that the government will now make arrangements to return the refunds to the local level only to those organizations that audit the water use organizations. Said to be doing.


More than two hundred farmers’ representatives and engineers attended the workshop as a large part of North Maharashtra was under the grip of drought. Under the guidance of Superintending Engineers Amle and Shinde, the team of Executive Engineer of Palkhed Division Vaibhav Bhagwat and Executive Engineer of Prabodhini Pable and Deputy Engineer Pramod Kulkarni made special efforts to make the workshop a success. 

The program concluded with a vote of thanks, then in the morning session the importance of audit by Apsunde, Certified Auditor of Cooperative Department, water measurement (part 1) by Assistant Professor Bhagwat, Valmi and in the afternoon session the lecture on water measurement (part 2) by Laxmikant Waghavakar at Global Water Management and Training Institute, Vilholi. Done. The executive director of the training institute Vani and his colleagues demonstrated the water measuring devices. All the attendees were given certificates by the water resources department and the workshop concluded.

Event : 5

KC College students visited Authority on 28/08/2023

Event : 6

New Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune visited Authority on 29/08/2023

Event : 8

One day Seminar on proceedings in accordance with Technical Code of water rights, 2015 issued by MWRRA