Tariff Regulation - Consultancy Assignment

MWRRA finalised Terms of Reference for the consultancy assignment for developing regulations for bulk water tariff. This included a consultative process that involved inviting comments/ suggestions / recommendations from NGOs and stakeholders.
MWRRA invited technical and financial bids through wide publicity in national and local level media, for developing regulations for bulk water tariff. In response, the following six consultancy firms submitted their proposals:
  • i. ABPS Infrastructure Advisory, Mumbai
  • ii. CRISIL, Mumbai
  • iii. IMCS (ICRA), Mumbai
  • iv. KPMG, Mumbai
  • v. PRIMOVE, Pune
  • vi. TERI, New Delhi
Milestone dates for the consultancy award process are presented below:
No Milestone Date
1 Date of Press Notice 28/01/2008
2 Period of Sale of Tender Document 28/01/2008 – 03/03/2008
3 Pre-bid Meeting 22/02/2008
4 Last Date for Receipt of Tender 10/03/2008
5 Opening of Technical Bids 10/03/2008
6 Opening of Financial Bids 14/03/2008
7 Negotiations 17/03/2008
8 Signing of Contract & Award of Work 31/03/2008
M/s ABPS were selected for the assignment after evaluation of technical and financial bids. The assignment is for 36 weeks. The Terms of Reference for the consultants and Calendar for Submission of various reports are given, please click the links provided for details.1. Approach Paper