Hearing Calendar

Advance Hearing Calendar for the month of March, 2019

Sr.No. Case No. Year Petitioner Subject in Brief Day, Date &; Time
1 23 2018 Late Rajabhau Tugar Sahakari Upsa Jalsichin Sanstha Maryadit Shinde, Nashik through its Chairman Shri. Sanjay Pundalik Tugar In the matter to stay the effect, operation and implementation of the order dated 23rd October 2018 issued by the Godavari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corporation Postponed 
2 4 2018 Chairman, Govindbaba Water User Association, Nimbi, Tal. Mangrulpir, Dist. Washim In the matter of releasing water through canal of Minor irrigation Project Motsavnga, Tal. Mangrulpir, Dist. Washim for Rabi Season 2018-19 March 07, 2019 03.00 PM
3 4 2019 Solapur Municipal Corporation, Indrabhuvan, Railway Lines, Solapur In the matter of Appeal filed by Solapur Municipal Corporation against the Order of Primary Dispute Resolution Officer dated 30-12-2017. March 12, 2019 03.00 PM
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