Key Powers and Functions

Chapter III, Sections 11 to 13 of the MWRRA Act, list the powers, functions and duties of the authority. The three main functions of the authority are:

  • To determine the criteria, regulate and enforce the distribution of entitlements for the various categories of use and the distribution of entitlements, within each category of use.
  • To establish a water tariff system for levying water charges on various categories of water users with a view to establishing a stable and self sustainable management of service delivery to such users.
  • To review and clear water resources projects, with a view to ensuring that a project proposal is in conformity with the Integrated State Water Plan (ISWP).

The Authority is also required to support and aid the enhancement and preservation of water quality and promote sound water conservation and management practices.

The Authority has been vested with a special responsibility under Section 11(f) and 21 of the MWRRA Act with regard to clearing projects in districts and regions with irrigation backlogs as per the Governor’s directives.

The Authority is also required to ensure equitable distribution of water during periods of scarcity (Section 11(c), MWRRA Act).